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When is the best time to book flights: get cheaper flights to Chișinău?

If you are thinking of travelling to Moldova, Fly Scanner will help you to find the best offer. The prices of flights to Chișinău change according to the season you are in. If the most important factor for you is finding cheap flights to Chișinău, Fly Scanner's flight ticket search engine is definitely your best ally.

Our search engine compares cheap flights to Chișinău among over 350 providers including airline companies and travel agencies.

Find cheap flights to Chișinău quickly with Fly Scanner

If you are organizing a trip and one of your priorities is saving money by booking cheap flights to Chișinău, the Fly Scanner comparison engine will help you by showing you prices for the plane tickets and sorting them according to your preferences. For example: you can indicate if you wish to include airports close to the cities you want to travel to. Maybe by selecting this option you will get even cheaper flights.
You can also specify the airlines you wish to travel with or not to travel with on your next trip. You can also apply other filters that take into account the departure times for the flights, or their duration. Fly Scanner's goal is to help you find the best price with the requisites you specify.

Find cheap flights in Moldova to Chișinău

Flights Price Partner
Chicago - O'Hare • Chișinău On 10/01/2021 One way Search date 8 days ago $637
Chicago • Chișinău On 08/25/2021 One way Search date 6 days ago $653
New York City - John F. Kennedy • Chișinău From 06/14/2021 to 06/22/2021 Round trip Search date 5 days ago $721
Seattle - Tacoma • Chișinău On 05/23/2021 One way Search date 10 days ago $804
Pittsburgh • Chișinău On 06/20/2021 One way Search date Yesterday $860
New York City - Newark • Chișinău From 07/23/2021 to 08/14/2021 Round trip Search date Yesterday $884
Los Angeles • Chișinău From 07/01/2021 to 07/31/2021 Round trip Search date 9 days ago $971
New York City • Chișinău From 07/10/2021 to 09/04/2021 Round trip Search date 15 days ago $1,008
Raleigh-Durham • Chișinău From 08/01/2021 to 09/10/2021 Round trip Search date 12 days ago $1,101
Miami - International • Chișinău From 06/26/2021 to 07/10/2021 Round trip Search date 6 days ago $1,156

Get cheap international flights to Chișinău

Flights Price Partner
Rome • Chișinău On 07/12/2021 One way Search date 15 days ago $56
Tel Aviv - Ben-Gurion • Chișinău On 09/05/2021 One way Search date 15 days ago $123
Amsterdam - Schiphol • Chișinău On 07/02/2021 One way Search date 13 days ago $184
Beirut • Chișinău On 05/31/2021 One way Search date 4 days ago $210
Eindhoven • Chișinău On 06/01/2021 One way Search date 4 days ago $230
Moscow • Chișinău From 05/25/2021 to 06/29/2021 Round trip Search date 3 days ago $295
Dubai • Chișinău On 05/31/2021 One way Search date 14 days ago $299
Yerevan • Chișinău From 06/02/2021 to 06/11/2021 Round trip Search date 15 days ago $431
Lagos • Chișinău On 05/25/2021 One way Search date 8 days ago $683
Bahrain • Chișinău From 06/16/2021 to 07/15/2021 Round trip Search date 2 days ago $722
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